Viviscal Reviews and Testimonials

Over 25 years of success helping real women transform their hair. Check out their success stories.


CourtneyJo - 30s

My dermatologist recommended Viviscal after I wasn’t seeing results with taking biotin. My hair is much stronger now after a year of taking Viviscal!



Judith - 60s

I’ve been taking Viviscal for a while and I feel fantastic about my hair and I feel better about myself. I feel so much more confident!


Jade - 30s

After having my son, postpartum hair loss felt immediate and discouraging. My hair is a very important part of who I am and as I’ve grown & transitioned in life, so has my hair! Now my hair & edges look GOOD!


Darla - 40s

Within the first two months of using the products, I noticed a decrease of hair shedding in the shower, and by four months in, my hair strands appeared thicker at the root. 

Kristin - 50s

I've been using a month and I can't believe my eyes!! The results are amazing.