The Best Braid Styles of 2017

The Best Braid Styles of 2017

Braid styles are gaining traction as one of the most popular hair trends of 2017. We love braids because they are a great way to change up your look without using heat. Heat tools are incredibly damaging for hair, especially fine or thinning hair prone to breakage. We also love that braids are no longer just for women. Long hair for men is more popular than ever, and guys are finding new ways to experiment with braid styles for men.

There’s a million different ways to braid your hair, so we’ve rounded up some of the trendiest braid styles we’ve been seeing lately on Instagram. Remember, if you’re frustrated with your braiding skills, keep trying! And be sure to follow our tips for braiding your hair.

Braid Styles for Women


Braid Rings

Piercings are no longer just for your skin! We are seeing rings and other jewelry incorporated into French braids and cornrows. Just make sure you remove any hair jewelry before bed to prevent the rings from causing damage to your hair in your sleep.


Braided Bangs

Braided Bangs

We are loving this easy retro braid style. To accomplish this look, part your hair down the middle. Separate a small section of hair in the front on each side and braid. Straighten the rest of your hair or wear your natural texture for a more casual look.



Box Braids

Box Braids

These stylish, versatile braids are accomplished with the help of a stylist who specializes in braiding. This type of braid style gets its name because they’re made from sections of hair shaped like boxes. We also love box braids twisted into a bun near the hairline for special occasions.


Waterfall Braid

This French braid style looks more difficult than it really is. With this technique, hair is woven through the French braid to create a “waterfall” effect. This look is great if you want to wear your hair down but spice it up a little bit. For more instructions, follow this tutorial.

 hello braid

Halo Braid

This beautiful look is perfect for a wedding or date. To accomplish this look, create a Dutch braid along the hairline and around the nape of the neck. When you get to the other side, braid the tail and pin next to the original braid. Follow this tutorial for further instructions.


Braid Styles for Men


French Braid with Undercut

For this look, hair is buzzed on the sides and kept long on top. French Braid hair and secure the ends into a small ponytail or bun with a hair tie.


Braided Part

This is a great way to add edge to a clean cut look. Instead of shaving a part into your hair, ask your barber to add a microbraid to your part for definition.

Tips for Braiding Hair

tips for Braiding Hair

  1. Start with unwashed hair. Dirty hair has more texture that will help to hold the braid in place. If your hair is clean, use a texturizing or sea salt spray for extra grip.
  2. Always detangle first. Gently brush your hair before beginning your braid. Nothing messes up a nice French braid like a giant hair tangle!
  3. Fix scalp show through. If you find that you’re seeing a little bit too much of your scalp or your hairline isn’t as full as you would like, apply Toppik Hair Building Fibers with a Spray Applicator. The Fibers have a natural static charge and will cling to your existing hair, creating the instant appearance of fuller hair.

How do you like to braid your hair? Let us know in the comments!

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