Powerhouse Multi-Benefit Beauty & Personal Care Products from Toppik

Powerhouse Multi-Benefit Beauty & Personal Care Products from Toppik

Many Toppik products are designed to offer multiple benefits, primarily aimed at giving you fuller, thicker-looking and healthier hair.

When you have to use three or more hair products just to give your hair volume, or make your hair look exactly the way you want, it can be time-consuming, expensive and frankly, a bit frustrating. Not to mention the amount of products you have to pack anytime you go somewhere!

However, when you only have to use one product to accomplish several hair needs, your hair arsenal becomes lighter and smaller. In the end, this will allow you to spend less time maintaining and styling your hair.

Why use multiple products when you can use just one?

This process of streamlining your morning routine can be a cleansing experience, and we’re here to help! Toppik products support a variety of hair needs; in fact, we think we have some creative ways to use the products you already own and love that you likely haven’t considered before.

We’ll show you why the best shampoo for thin hair can work as a shampoo and conditioner, and why our hair cover up product isn’t just for men and women with thinning hair.

To see how to use Toppik products in more than just one way, keep reading…

Many Ways to Use Toppik Hair Building Fibers

If you thought Toppik Hair Building Fibers were only created as a solution for one type of hair loss need, you’ll be amazed by how much these Hair Fibers can do.

While filling in thin or thinning areas is the most common way to use these Hair Fibers, there are actually multiple types of hair issues that this product helps with.

If you’ve ever had extensions, you know that hiding extension tracks is an extremely important part of creating a natural, finished look. Even if they’re done well, tracks can sometimes still be seen, especially when you’ve styled your hair in an updo. Some tracks are even visible near the hairline, which is a definite no-no in the hair extension world.

To help cover up any visible extension tracks, whether your hair is up or down,you can use Toppik Hair Fibers to blend extension tracks into your hair. It’s especially easy to do when you use the Toppik Spray Applicator with the Hair Fibers, since the Spray Applicator allows for a more precise application of Hair Fibers.

Before and After Extension

For those of you who color your hair, scheduling that next color appointment can sometimes prove difficult. The waiting in between can be stressful and aggravating, and can make you feel like your hair color is getting worse by the day. If you’re looking for a touch-up, and want to maintain that look of fresh color you enjoy right after seeing your colorist, try Toppik Hair Fibers as an alternative while you wait for your next hair color appointment. It’s a quick and easy solution to covering roots and/or gray hairs!

Before and After Toppik

If you’ve only been using Hair Fibers to hide thinning areas or cover up a part line, you might not have realized that you can also use hair fibers around your hairline to hide any recession that is taking place. The Hair Fibers will help take care of any wispy hairs or uneven hairlines, and the Toppik Hairline Optimizer will give you the most natural look possible.


One great way that we’ve seen many of our customers use our Hair Fibers is to fill in facial hair. Toppik Hair Fibers adhere to all types of hair, not just the hair on your head, so naturally using them to fill in any patchy areas in a beard or mustache is going to work just as well. Just look at the beards below to see how well the Hair Fibers work!

Facial Hair Toppik

Facial Hair Toppik

Our Hair Fibers aren’t the only product that has more than one benefit though, one of our newer products is a multi-tasking spray designed to give hair volume, while also soaking up any excess oils…

Dual-Benefits for Toppik’s Root Volumizing Spray

There are two major benefits to using Toppik Root Volumizing Spray, and you’re going to wonder why you didn’t try this product sooner when you hear what they are.

Toppik Root Volumizing Spray has a lightweight, invisible dry formula that makes it great for two different tasks. The first is that it is designed to give your hair volume at the root. This means added lift and thicker-looking hair when you use this spray. It’s simple to use and the results are instant.


Because the spray is lightweight, limp or dull hair gets instantly volumized without any excess residue. You don’t have to worry about hair being sticky or unmanageable after you use this product.

The second way to use this spray is as a dry shampoo. Since the spray is invisible, there won’t be any color to try to match, like other dry shampoos sometimes use. Instead, when you don’t want to wash your hair, or don’t have time after the gym, you can spray the product into hair and the spray will eliminate the excess oils in the hair. This is a must-have for anyone with a busy schedule or who is always on the go!

Before and After Toppik
This spray is the perfect way to give your hair an instant boost, whether you’re using it for added lift or as a dry shampoo. The next product on our list works in a much different way to help out your hair…

Colored Hair Thickener’s Multiple Benefits

Like our Hair Fibers, Toppik Colored Hair Thickener is another product designed to help hide any thin or thinning areas.

This product comes in an easy to use spray solution that hides wider areas of thinning hair, while the natural color pigments help blend the product with almost any hair color. For an even more natural look and feel, you can also use Toppik Hair Fibers after applying the Colored Hair Thickener to specific areas where you didn’t spray the product. This will fill in any parts that were missed, and also give you all the confidence of having a full head of hair.


While its main use is covering wider areas of thinning hair, Colored Hair Thickener also has another great benefit that many of our customers love. This hair cover up can also be used as a root touch up!

Before and After Toppik

Before and After Toppik


You can use it to cover gray hair or root regrowth between color appointments, and no one will be able to tell that it’s not your natural hair color. We all need a little color touch up sometimes, and Toppik Colored Hair Thickener is the product we always reach for.

3 Benefits, 1 Powerful Product

With all the news lately on how often you should wash your hair, it’s no surprise that many are shampooing and conditioning less frequently.

Viviscal Thickening Shampoo is the best shampoo for thin hair because the product delivers essential nutrients to the hair shaft without weighing hair down. This is important because many conditioners are too thick or heavy for thin hair, and they can end up causing more damage to the hair than actual good. 

Did you learn how to use one of our products in a new and interesting way? Tell us about the creative ways that you use your favorite Toppik products in the comments section below!

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