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How Toppik Enhanced Belle’s Natural Hair & Confidence

Hair loss and thinning hair are sensitive subjects, but these conditions affect millions of men and women across the United States. Society and the media often equate having a full head of hair with being beautiful, especially for women. When suffering from hair loss, believing in these false ideologies can be detrimental to ones self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Here at Toppik we provide tips and tools to help those suffering from hair loss to regain their confidence. Through sharing stories from real Toppik users, we want to inform men and women dealing with hair loss that they are not alone and that there are products out there than can help to disguise hair loss and thinning.


“Sharing your story uplifts and inspires others and yourself.” – Toppik

Belle - Before and After Toppik
Today we share the story of a real Toppik user, Belle from Queens, New York. Belle first noticed that her hair was thinning in her mid-40’s. The root of her hair loss was genetic, and she had seen her mother and grandmother experience the same issue before her. “Balding for women is different…we don’t bald in spots. We have thinning hairline. We lose the volume and the thickness,” Belle told Toppik. She looked into hair implant surgery, but her doctor discouraged her from going through with the procedure. Since working in the entertainment industry required her to look her best, Belle turned to wearing wigs. However, she soon found that she was unable to leave the house without her wig, even refusing to remove it in front of the man she was dating at the time.

Belle’s First Experience with Toppik

Before Toppik, Belle had never heard of Hair Fibers. Once trying the product she was immediately impressed. “It was just like a miracle product when I first tried it,” Belle says. She especially loved the way that the color and texture blended with her natural hair. “…It’s crazy because you can’t tell the difference. You really can’t.”

Belle’s Story

According to Belle, unlike hair extensions and weaves, Hair Building Fibers didn’t damage her existing hair and cause further hair loss. “The thing with Toppik is it doesn’t damage whatever is there already. It’s a good product.”

How Belle Uses Toppik Hair Building Fibers

Belle applies Toppik Hair Building Fibers to clean, dry hair with the Spray Applicator. Then, she uses the Hairline Optimizer to create a natural-looking hairline. “When I spray it on, it just goes in and it blends in with everything. And you can’t tell the difference.” For special occasions, she will wear a half wig and use Hair Building Fibers to blend the wig with her natural hair. For Belle, Hair Building Fibers last until the next time she washes her hair. “I’d wake up and I still have hair,” she told Toppik.

Along with Hair Fibers, Belle loves using Toppik Brow Building Fibers to achieve fuller brows for events and special occasions.

Belle Recommends Hair Building Fibers

Toppik Hair Building Fibers improved Belle’s self-esteem and confidence. She now feels comfortable wearing her natural hair outside of the home. “With a fuller hairline, I feel like I’m back to myself and I feel I look more youthful.”

Belle was asked to be apart of Toppik’s campaign to share her story with others. At first, however, her friends and family were skeptical. “They want to know if this is real or if I got paid to just say it. But it’s real!” Since beginning to use Toppik Hair Building Fibers, Belle has convinced both relatives and friends with similar issues to try Toppik. And she’s not done recommending Hair Building Fibers to others! “For a lot of African Americans, they don’t know that there’s a solution to their bald spots…[Toppik] is a great solution,” she says. “People need to get this into a lot of hair salons that do hair extensions because they don’t know!” She recommends Hair Building Fibers as an alternative to weaves or wigs to create fuller looking hair instantly without damaging your existing hair.

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I love toppik, covers fine areas great and looks natural, BUT, if I or anyone touches my hair, they have black all over their hands. If I lay on something white, I leave a black mark, which is very embarrassing. (eg. my pillow, dentist office, if I go for eyebrow wax, I leave the black residue on the white paper they lay down, etc)
And it does suck this is not water proof for swimming, because when my hair is wet, that is when it looks the finest, so I wish there was something out there for when you go swimming. I don’t swim anymore due to this.
So its a great product, but I am still a bit on edge when I use this and can’t go swimming.


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