How to Create Celebrity Hairstyles

How to Create Celebrity Hairstyles

Did you get a chance to watch the awards shows this season? From the Emmys to the Golden Globes and the Oscars, this year was a memorable one when it came to women’s style in fashion, makeup and hair.

Some of the standout celebrity hairstyles included the curly-haired look Halle Berry sported while sashaying down the red carpet at the Oscars and Chrissy Teigen‘s sleek ponytail style at the Golden Globes. Each look was perfectly calculated to complement the designer jewels, fabrics and accessories. 

Behind each style that we see on the red carpet there is usually an army of professional hairstylist and makeup artist that craft each celebrity’s look.

Not lucky enough to have a glam team of your own at home? We have tips on how to create this year’s awards season’s trendiest looks at home so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your look. Caution: you may get a lot of stares, so don’t say we didn’t warn you when the paparazzi starts mistaking you for the star that you really are.

How-to Celebrity Hairstyles


Sophisticated Braids

Braids have been trending for a few years now, with many of the younger, new generation of celebrities making this their go-to look. The great thing about braids is that they are easy, quick and the style can last for several days with the right maintenance and care.

How to Create: Start with slightly wet or damp hair. Use an anti-humidity spray or styling serum like Toppik Hair Fattener for hold and light shine. Part hair in three sections towards the top of the head before creating a rope braid style. Use hair clips to help section off areas from side to side and bottom to top as you create the braid

Bombshell Volume

Bombshell Volume

Waves are always a hit on the red carpets. With the exception of a little black dress, nothing makes a woman feel sexier than big, sexy locks. Taking a woman’s own natural hair texture into account, this season we saw a twist on this look that was softer and more beachy.

How to Create: Blow dry hair until fully dry. Divide hair into four sections and focusing on one area at a time, curl with a 1 1/12 inch curling iron. Wrap hair around wand, holding it horizontal as it curls. Pin curls to head and spray Toppik Root Volumizing Spray into roots. Once entire head is curled and pinned, remove clips and shake out waves.

Hair Bun

Texturized Bun

The texturized bun is the celebrity hairstyle secret to an undone, yet stylish look. Sleek, messy or pinned back with an adorned accessory, the bun look brings simple glam that compliments any style.

How to Create: The trick to this look is starting at the base with hair that has been blown out. Use a round brush when blow drying to give hair smoothness and movement to the edges, this will be necessary to a messy bun. Secure hair in ponytail where bun is desired, twist hair around base and secure with hair pins. If needed, use a curling iron to create cascading waves on sides where hair was left out.


Sleek and Slick

A signature look for both Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid, the slick back that was invented in the 80’s has seen a comeback on the red carpets.

How to Create: You will need gel and a comb to create this look. When hair is damp, apply gel to hair from roots to tips. Using your comb, comb back the hair so that it is completely off of the face. Set the look with a hard holding hairspray.

Classy Hair Look

Classic Pony

Not brave enough to go the slicked-back hair route? The classic ponytail is another great option give you a classic, red carpet look. It’s all about the face when wearing this style, so make sure to pair it with your favorite matte red lipstick and volumizing mascara.

How to Create: A ponytail can be one of the easiest styles to achieve, but how can you perfect it? Tip head back and brush all hair back and secure with a hair tie. Keep the head at a 45 degree angle when securing the ponytail to ensure a neat and tight look that will give your profile a beautiful shape. Either wave the ends or keep them sleek and straight.

Turn Heads with Toppik

Once your red carpet style has been perfected at home. Take your look to the next level by using Toppik to fill in thinning areas, or scalp show through on your look.

Toppik Hair Fibers

Hair Building Fibers

Toppik Hair Building Fibers are in almost every celebrity hairstylist’s kit in Hollywood. Don’t be fooled, not every star that you see on the big screen has a full and thick set of locks. Enhance your look with our confidence-boosting Hair Building Fibers.

Before & after results when Toppik Hair Building Fibers are added to the hairline: 

Before Toppik
After Toppik

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