How to Choose the Best Styling Tools for Fine Hair

How to Choose the Best Styling Tools for Fine Hair

When you have thinning hair, protecting the hair you do have is extremely important. Damaging your hair through chemical processing, poor styling techniques, and yes, even heat tools, can lead to breakage, which will just make your hair look even thinner. Unfortunately, many people find it difficult to give up heat tools. After all, who has time to let their hair air dry before work in the morning?

If you can’t give up heat styling altogether on your fine, thin hair, one of these styling tools is a good alternative. Keep reading for our tips for the best hair styling tools for fine hair, and how to use them to make your hair look fuller.


The Best Hair Styling Tools for Fine Hair: What to Look For

When shopping for hair styling tools for fine hair, you’ll want to look for heat tools with lower temperature settings. Fine or thinning hair usually does not require as much heat as thick hair to style, and the excess temperatures only serve to dry out and damage hair.

Styling tools with ceramic heating elements also work better for fine hair, since ceramic distributes heat more evenly. This way, your hair will heat up evenly for a flawless style that minimizes damage. And to further amp up fine or thin hair, shake or spray on Toppik Hair Building Fibers wherever your natural hair is looking sparse. Toppik Fibers cling to even the tiniest strands of your existing hair, making it look instantly thicker and fuller.

And remember, always use a heat protectant product before heat styling hair. A heat protectant creates a barrier between hair and the heating element, which helps to defend it against breakage.

The Best Hair Dryer for Thinning Hair

A great blowout can definitely make thin hair look fuller, but using a hair dryer can also damage hair. The trick is to invest in the right hair dryer for fine hair.

For thin hair, you’ll want to look for a dryer that doesn’t get so hot that it dries out your hair, but one that blows powerfully enough that it will dry your hair quickly. Look for a dryer with a ceramic heating element, which heats up evenly to speed up drying time. A hair dryer with 600 to 2200 watts of power is best for thinning hair. Choose a dryer with ionic technology that helps to reduce static in hair, which is particularly troublesome to fine or thinning hair types.

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The Best Curling Iron for Thin Hair

As with a hair dryer, choose a ceramic curling iron rather than a metal one. Wide-barreled curling irons are too big for fine or thinning hair, which often does not hold a curl as well.

Instead, use a smaller barrel curling iron. A curling iron with a ¾” or 1” barrel works well for fine or thinning hair. To make sure your curls last as long as possible, catch each section after curling and pin to your head. Keep the curl pinned for at least 20 minutes while it cools. This helps to set the curls and makes them last much, much longer!

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The Best Hairbrush for Fine Hair

The best hair brushes for fine hair have soft bristles, and don’t pull or break hair. Hair brushes with nylon bristles are best for fine hair since they help to eliminate static. A wide-tooth comb is also essential for fine or thinning hair. Remember: use only a wide-tooth comb on wet hair and only use a gentle, nylon-bristle brush on hair that is completely dry.

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Do you have a favorite styling tool for fine hair? Let us know in the comments!

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