How to Apply Toppik – Tips from Beauty Gurus

How to Apply Toppik – Tips from Beauty Gurus

Here at Toppik HQ, we get SO excited when a blogger mentions our products – especially when they love it as much as we do! To show our appreciation, we’re rounding up our favorite bloggers and sharing how they like to use Toppik products.

 Santwon McCray


Los Angeles-based actor and Instagram star Santwon McCray (@iamsantwon) uses Toppik as part of his everyday styling routine. Watch his full styling routine here:


Sazan Amin


Beauty guru Sazan Amin (@sazanamin_) says that Toppik Hair Building Fibers have changed her life forever. We’re so glad! Watch how Sazan applies Hair Building Fibers here:

Rochelle Masella


YouTube Beauty star Rochelle Masella (@discocurls) uses Toppik Hair Building Fibers to fill in sparse areas of her hairline. Watch how she styles them here:

Mack AceBoogie


Orlando-based barber Mack AceBoogie frequently uses Toppik products on his clients. One of his favorite Toppik products is Hair Building Conditioner. Find more of his work on his Instagram.

Jessica Gilmartin



Beauty Blogger Jessica Gilmartin loves using Toppik Brow Building Fibers. “I am super impressed…It looks so realistic! It gave my brows so much more fullness,” she says. Watch how she applies them here:


Blogger Favorites

Hair Building Fibers

Our Hair Building Fibers are made from keratin protein, the same material your hair is made out of! Toppik Hair Building Fibers are the #1 instant solution to instantly disguise fine or thinning hair. Plus, they won’t come off until you shampoo your hair!

Spray Applicator

Our exclusive Spray Applicator allows for a more precise application of Hair Building Fibers.

Hairline Optimizer

Our Hairline Optimizer is specially designed to give you the appearance of a realistic and full hairline.

Brow Building Fibers

Our Brow Building Fibers are made with the same hair building protein, but come with a special eyebrow wax for a perfect application.

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