Everything You Need to Know About the Best Bangs for Thin Hair

Everything You Need to Know About the Best Bangs for Thin Hair

Bangs are a great way to change up your look without drastically coloring or cutting your hair. But if you have thin or fine hair, you might have heard that bangs won’t work for your hair type. Luckily, that’s just not true! With the right style, any hair type can rock a fringe. Curious to learn more about cutting bangs? Keep reading for the best bangs for thin hair!

The Best Bangs for Thin Hair

The key to wearing bangs with thin hair is to select the right type of fringe. Avoid heavy, blunt bangs since these require a lot of hair and can leave the rest of your locks looking sparse. Instead, try soft, feathered bangs. Feathered bangs create the look of a fringe without taking too much hair from the sides of the head.

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Soft, feathered bangs create the look of thickness in thin hair

Alternatively, long side-swept bangs work great for thin hair and are flattering on most face shapes.

Keep in mind that bangs grow quickly, so be prepared to go for more frequent trims. Most hairstylists will trim bangs for free or a small fee. And please, don’t attempt to trim your bangs at home! This is something best left to the professionals.

How to Style Bangs for Thin Hair

Bangs do require a little extra styling in the morning to lay correctly. Follow these tips to minimize style time so you can get out the door more quickly.

1. Avoid over-conditioning. Bangs have a tendency to get oily more quickly than the rest of your hair. For this reason, they don’t need to be conditioned every time you shampoo your hair.
2. Dry first. When you’re blow drying your hair, make sure to blow dry your bangs first. Since they aren’t as thick as the rest of your hair, they will air dry more quickly. Use a brush to help them to lay flat.
3. Fill in sparse areas. Because a fringe takes hair from the sides of the head and moves it forward, the sides can look a little bit thin. If you’re experiencing scalp show-through, a quick shake of Toppik Hair Building Fibers will help hair to look thicker and fuller instantly.
4. Use dry shampoo. Since bangs are in close contact with your face, they tend to pick up your facial oil and get more greasy than the rest of your hair. A spritz of a dry shampoo like Batiste™ will help to absorb this extra oil whenever it starts to get out of control. Keep a small bottle in your bag for on-the-go oil absorption.
5. Wet and start again. If your bangs aren’t laying right, just wet them down and style them again! Since it’s such a small amount of hair, it can be styled quickly with a blow dryer and brush.

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Long, side-swept bangs look good on almost all face shapes.

Growing Out Bangs with Thin Hair

Over your fringe? No worries. These tips will help you to grow out your bangs while minimizing the “awkward stage” of growing out your hair.

  • Accessories are your friend. If your bangs are too short to sweep to the side but too long to wear down, it’s time to bring in the accessories. A simple headband is a chic way to pull bangs out of your face. Or try pinning your bangs back with bobby pins. Gather bangs, twist up, and pin to the top of your head for a faux pompadour look.
  • Get a trim. It may sound counter-intuitive, but getting a trim will actually help you to grow out your bangs. Tell your hairstylist that you want to grow out your fringe so he or she can reshape them so they’ll still look good as they grow.
  • Nourish your hair. The best way to help your bangs to grow is to take Viviscal™ hair growth supplements twice daily. Viviscal has the vitamins and minerals needed to support existing hair growth.*
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Regular trims keep bangs manageable and healthy looking.

Even if your hair is fine and thin, you CAN rock bangs. It’s just a matter of finding the right bangs for you and how to style them. Follow our advice for the best bangs and you’ll be causing fringe-envy in no time.

Have you ever tried bangs? Let us know in the comments! 

Existing hair growth 

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