Get Inspired by These Easy Hairstyle Tricks

Get Inspired by These Easy Hairstyle Tricks

Let’s face it, we don’t want to spend all day doing our hair.

We need to be able to create easy hairstyles, whether we’re on-the-go, short on time, need a quick updo, or just want a change in style for the day. Knowing the right tips and tricks that will help your hair, while also giving you extra styling power, are the kinds of hair secrets you want to have in your back pocket. 

We also know that finding these secrets takes time and energy, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you. Whether you’re looking for men’s hairstyle tricks, the right way to give short hairstyles a boost, or you just want to know the latest and greatest hair tips, (hey we don’t blame you!), you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve scoured YouTube, Google and our favorite blogs to compile this list of the best and most relevant hair tips the Internet has to offer for anyone looking to add volume, thickness or even just manage thin, fine or dry hair.

Styles to Die For

While these elegant hairstyles may look like they were done by a professional, you can actually easily recreate them in front of your bathroom mirror, without the hassle of going to your salon.

Hair Hacks


We love Kerry Washington’s perfect execution of this high braid with a bouffant hairstyle – it’s great for when you need to add a little extra volume and lift to your coif. This easy-to-create swinging braid is almost as flattering as it is cheeky. Give hair some volume with a volumizing spray, tie in a high ponytail, and then braid hair to create this movie stair look.

Hair Style


You’ve probably been putting your hair in a ponytail since you were a kiddo, but it most likely has never looked as chic as Beyonce’s. A simple trick, all you have to do is wrap the ponytail with a piece of your hair, which helps to prop up the ponytail and create volume and lift. Queen B would be proud.

Next up, it’s time to give some love to the gentlemen with these easy hairstyle tricks.

Time-Savers & Tips for the Gents

You may think men’s hairstyles might be easier to style, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know some tricks to keep your hair looking its best.

Repeat after us, “work with what ya got.” If you’re dealing with hair loss or thin hair, not all is lost – hear what this hairstylist had to say about keeping hair healthy, along with the best haircuts to get if you’re a man with thin or fine hair. One important tip? Don’t just use any old product out there, use one that’s going to help give you the appearance of thicker hair.


Not the hair on your head, but the hair on your face! If you can, adding some well-groomed facial hair can actually draw attention away from thinning hair. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, as odd or out of place facial hair won’t do you any favors.

Hair Style

If you’re looking for something more drastic than a new way to style your hair, this next section might just be perfect for you…

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

The best way to get thicker-looking hair? Try these hair tricks to actually create bigger body and fullness.

For those who have short hairstyles, stringy ends, thin hair or areas of hair loss, instant volume and lift can be achieved with the right kind of hair extensions. Whether you decide to get them done by a professional, or you opt to do them at home, hair extensions are going to give you the look and feel of having more hair instantly.


Two colors are better than one. If you have fine or thin hair, only coloring hair one color will make it look flat and limp. Try two-dimensional color, either with lowlights or highlights, to make hair appear fuller. You’ll be amazed at how your hair looks in the light!

Next we’re taking a look at some hair and beauty tricks from around the world, as the latest crazes always seem to be straight from overseas.

Going Global – Hair Hacks Around the World

These next two beauty tricks aren’t just about hair hacks, they’re also ways to embrace other cultures and learn from their latest beauty trends.

There have been a lot of beauty and hair tips coming from Asia recently, so it’s no surprise the beauty game in Korea is on a whole other level. Beauty guru, Chriselle Lim, used Toppik Brow Building Fibers to perfect the pristine Korean brow (think straight & full!), which can actually make the face look fuller and more youthful. Using a brow product that looks natural will still make your brows pop, without making them look overdone.

Some believe that there isn’t anything olive oil can’t cure, and they use it religiously to get softer and sleeker hair and skin. A beauty secret from the Mediterranean, these men and women put olive oil on their hair, skin, or face, leave it on for fifteen minutes, and then wash off the residue in the beautiful sea. While we might not have the Mediterranean to jump into, luckily this can still be achieved in the comfort of our own shower.

Which hair or beauty hack are you most excited to try? Tell us in the comments section below!

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