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Anti-Microbial Three Layer IRONCLOTH Mask - Dark Navy (2-Pack)

Anti-Microbial Three Layer IRONCLOTH Mask - Dark Navy (2-Pack)
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3 Ply multi-layered mask
Industrial Grade Filtration Technology
Blocks Out Viruses & Other Particulates
Adjustable & Stylish Design

Reusable & Washable up to 50 times
Each Mask comes with 2 Carbon Filters
Made in the USA and Mexico

AMIC Mask comes in 4 sizes:

Up to 12 yrs Old
Nose to chin: 5.75”
Ear to Ear: 6.50
Adult Size/ Teens
Nose to Chin: 6.50”
Ear to Ear: 7”
Adult Size
Nose to Chin: 6.75
Ear to Ear: 7.75
Large/Extra Large
Adult Size
Nose to Chin: 7”
Ear to Ear: 8”

Each Mask comes with an audible clip to tighten Mask Around Face

IRONCLOTH brings you Multi-layered, Antimicrobial, non woven bonded filter technology to filter out most particulates as well as bacteria and viruses in a stylish and adjustable mask suitable to bring safety to you and your family. Introducing an innovative new level of protection, breathability and modern design.

We have bonded into the fabric the anti-microbial/anti-viral protection to survive 50 washes. The fabric kills 98% of pathogens. Your package comes with 4 masks and 8 disposable Fine Particulate Matter Multi-Layered Carbon blend filter inserts. These inserts are designed to filter and block droplet transmission. The filters can filter particulates 2.5 microns and above. Covid-19 droplets can range from 5-10 microns.

The mask is comfortable and designed not only for protection, but to also fit in with your everyday wear. It's available in several sizes. The fit is tapered to contour to most faces by using elastic bands with military grade clips that ensures a properly sealed fit.

Need more information? Check out our: Frequently Asked Questions.

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