The Latest Haircuts for Thinning Hair Men

The Latest Haircuts for Thinning Hair Men

Men’s Grooming is Heating Up

It’s no secret that the men’s grooming industry is booming. In fact, it’s estimated that the industry will bring in $21 billion in 2016 alone. Men are expressing themselves through their hair in more ways than ever before. Barbers on Instagram like @thenomadbarber and @barbershopconnect are experiencing explosive popularity, providing follicular inspiration for their tens of thousands of followers. And the fashion world has taken notice. At New York Fashion Week, there were countless different cuts and styles on the runway – all embracing individual style and unique hair textures.

But if you have thinning hair, you may be wondering if you have to stand on the sidelines and miss all the fun. Don’t despair! Although you may be suffering from early (or later) signs of men’s hair loss, there are still many hair styling options for you so you can rock what you’ve got!

How to Care for Thinning Hair

Men's grooming

Men’s hair loss is common. Actually, one half of men begin to lose hair by the time they’re 30 and two out of three men experience hair loss by the age of 60. The most important thing is to take care of what you do have, and make the most of it! Follow our tips below to keep your hair healthy and happy.


Skip the heavy conditioner

By all means, continue to condition your hair. And if you don’t, you should start! Keeping your hair moisturized prevents dryness and breakage, which further exacerbates the whole hair loss situation. Make sure you use a lightweight conditioner, to prevent you hair from being weighed down.


Topical creams containing minoxidil and oral medications are approved by the FDA to stop hair loss, and in some cases, even reverse it. However, you have to use these medications, well, forever. As soon as you stop using a minoxidil product or prescription medication, your hair loss will continue. Minoxidil treatments should be used in conjunction with a high quality dandruff shampoo, since dandruff can prevent the treatment from penetrating the scalp and doing its job.

Dandruff Shampoo

Dandruff Shampoo Pulls Double Duty!

And there’s an added bonus to using dandruff shampoo. According to scientists at the University of British Columbia, Ketoconazole, an anti-fungal found in many dandruff shampoos, may reduce hair loss by lowering the product of baldness-causing hormones in the scalp. Keep your use of dandruff shampoo limited, however. Dandruff shampoo can be drying for the hair, causing breakage and further hair loss. Limit dandruff shampoos to three washes per week, and use a gentle formula shampoo (like baby shampoo) for other washes.

The Best Men’s Haircuts for Thinning Hair

Taking proper care of your locks will help with hair loss, sure. But the most effective way to improve your appearance is by visiting your barber and getting a fresh new cut. These are our recommendations for the best men’s haircuts for thinning hair and receding hairlines.


The Buzz

We recommend The Buzz Cut because it’s low maintenance and never goes out of style. Keeping hair short is one of the best ways to camouflage thinning hair. As an added bonus, a nice buzz cut emphasizes the brow line and makes your facial features appear more chiseled. Don’t think your brows are up to par? Try Toppik’s Brow Building Fibers for a natural, thick-browed look. No one will be able to tell you’ve had a little help!


Buzz + Color

Just because you’re losing your hair doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your look! Ask your stylist to bleach your shorn locks and try out a fun new color. If you don’t like it, no worries! Your short hair will grow out quickly and you can forget it ever happened.

Undercut and Beard

Undercut + Beard

If you got it, flaunt it! A great, thick beard will draw attention away from your scalp and towards your face. This look is best when the length of the beard and the buzzed hair is proportionate.

Short hair 

Short All Over

If you feel a buzz cut is too short for you, then simply going short all over may be a perfect fit. Ask your barber for a cut 1-inch cut all over. This look is especially flattering on men with curly or textured hair. For any sparse areas, sprinkle on Hair Building Fibers.

Slick back with a fade


Slicked Back with a Fade

This haircut does double duty by concealing thinness at the crown while flattering receding temples and works best with straight or wavy hair. Ask your barber for a nape fade with longer hair at the top. To style, slick hair back with a pomade. Use COUVRé’s Scalp Concealing Lotion or Hair Building Fibers to conceal any scalp show-through. Don’t worry about keeping the slick-back perfect throughout the day – having pieces casually falling is what makes this look modern.

Short hair with fade 

Short Hair with a Fade

If you want to try the fade trend but don’t want to bother with all the styling, this is a great look for you. This look is especially flattering on curly and textured hair, but can work on any hair type.

Faux Hair 

Faux Hawk

This cut has been around for a few years and there’s a reason for that – it looks great! The faux hair draws the eyes towards the center of the head and away from a receding hairline. Try Toppik’s Root Volumizing Spray to get the proper volume on top.

The Modern Pompadour 

The Modern Pompadour

Channel a modern-day Elvis with the 2016 update on the pompadour. By using thickening product and a hair dryer to generate lots of volume on top, you can hide thinning hair at the crown. Ask your barber for tight sides with 2-3-inches of hair on top. Style with a Root Volumizing Spray and Hair Building Fibers for lift and thickness, and pomade on the sides.

Shaved head

Shave It Off

According to researchers, men with shaved heads are perceived as taller and more masculine than their follicularly gifted counterparts. If you choose to take the plunge, make sure to always shave with wet hair, a great shaving cream, and always shave with the grain. A shaved head also looks great with a full beard, which brings a sense of balance to your appearance. 

How to Style Thinning Hair

Thinning Hair Style

No matter which haircut you choose, we have a few guidelines on everyday styling for thinning hair and receding hairlines.

Hair Building Fibers

Fill in the Gaps

Try Hair Building Fibers. These keratin fibers are derived from wool and are electrostatically charged to stick to the hair and create the appearance of thicker hair.

Toppik Hair Fattener

Thicken Up

Try a thickening serum, which coats the hair shaft, for the appearance of plumper strands.

Toopik Root Volumizer


If you have straight or wavy thinning hair, texture is your best friend. Messy texture easily hides thinning areas. Try sea salt spray, clay pomade, or a matte wax.

Blow Dryer

Blow It Up

A blow dryer’s hot air opens the cuticles of the hair shaft, making hair appear thicker instantly. As an added bonus, blow dryers can also create volume. Just be careful not to overdo it – heat damage can cause breakage to your remaining hair.


Spray It

Keep your newly-created coif in place with a mist of hair spray. Hair spray can also be applying with a round brush while blow-drying for added volume.

No matter how you choose to cut or style your hair, the most important thing is that you wear your hair with confidence and embrace your new look. Hair loss is a part of most men’s lives, and you’ll be ahead of the pack by doing your best to properly care for and style your hair.

Fellas, which celebrity has the best haircut or style you envy the most?

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