Tips for Matching Your Hair Color Using Hair Fibers

Tips for Matching Your Hair Color Using Hair Fibers

For those with fine, thin hair or areas of hair loss, it may not come as a surprise that hairstyling can sometimes prove challenging. Some of today’s most popular hairstyles for instance, like the pompadour for men and the side-parted bob on women, often work best on those that have fuller, thicker hair.

Luckily, Toppik Hair Building Fibers are the perfect product to help enhance the appearance of thin hair to make it look thicker and fuller. The Hair Fibers do this by adhering to the hair, (even baby hair!) and filling in sparse areas. These Keratin Hair Fibers are easy to apply, and can be either shaken or sprayed into the hair using the Toppik Spray Applicator.


Toppik Hair

Toppik Hair Fibers are derived from a natural keratin source, and are statically charged to adhere to even the finest human hair. These Fibers have changed the lives of millions of men and women who struggle with fine, thinning hair to those with Alopecia, or those undergoing chemotherapy.

Toppik Hair Fibers come in 9 shades of color and four size options. With so many color options to choose from, you might be wondering how to best pick the Hair Fibers color that will correctly match your hair color.

Keep reading to learn how to correctly match your hair color and get fuller, thicker-looking hair!

Color Matching

If it’s your first time using Toppik Hair Fibers, you might not know which color of Hair Fibers will best match your hair color.

To help with this process, we first recommend using the color swatch we’ve created of Toppik Hair Fibers colors, which will give you the best indication as to which specific Hair Fibers color you should be using. We’ve also created the below helpful tips to guide you towards finding the right shade of Hair Fibers that will most closely match your hair color!

Color Matching Tips

Ask someone you trust- while standing in natural light, ask a friend, colleague or someone who’s opinion you trust which color of Toppik Hair Fibers color most closely matches your own natural hair color.

Don’t have someone to ask? Stand in front of a mirror in a well lit area and compare your hair to the colors on our hair color swatch.

Toppik Shade Chart

For many people though, hair isn’t just one color. Often times the hair on the top of someone’s head receives more sunlight, and can actually be a lighter shade in comparison to the rest of the hair. This is especially true for those who color their hair. And overtime, as the processed color fades or washes out, hair can actually become multi-tonal in color.

So how do you conceal fine, thin, or thinning hair when hair is two-toned or multi-tonal?

Luckily, Toppik Hair Fibers are unique in that they can be combined and mixed together to create unique shades of color. Mixing two or more colors together will also help give fine, thin hair a more natural appearance and texture.

Below are some tips on how we suggest mixing Toppik Hair Fibers to find your exact match!

How to Mix Toppik Hair Fibers for Multi-Tonal Hair Color

There are two ways we suggest mixing Toppik Hair Fibers to match your most ideal shade of color. These two techniques are layering and mixing.



When using this method of application, you’ll want to layer the colors that most closely match your hair with the help of the Toppik Spray Applicator. Typically, the roots of hair tend to be darker, so the best way to layer Hair Fibers is by spraying the primary darker shade of color first and then layering the lighter secondary shade on top. Once each color of Hair Fibers has been applied, it’s a good idea to finish with Toppik FiberHold Hairspray to seal in the Fibers for blended hold and shine.


Another technique to help create the perfect blend of Hair Fibers is to mix the Hair Fibers before applying them to the hair. Mix about ¾ of the lighter color with ¼ of the darker color using either a bowl or an empty Toppik Hair Fibers bottle. One thing to note is that the exact measurements of color will vary depending on the final color that you are trying to create. Once the Hair Fibers colors have been mixed, you can then either apply by shaking the Fibers into hair or by using the Toppik Spray Applicator for an even, precise application.

Here are some examples of how to mix popular highlighted colors:

Salt & Pepper
Shake Black or Dark Brown on hair first, followed by White or Gray using the Spray Applicator.

Toppik Hair

Medium Brown or Dark Brown with Light Blonde Highlights
Apply Medium Brown or Dark Brown first, then highlight with Blonde using the Spray Applicator.

Toppik Hair

Strawberry Blonde
Mix ¾ Light Blonde with ¼ Auburn in a canister and either shake or apply using the Spray Applicator.

Toppik Hair

Platinum Blonde
Mix ¾ Light Blonde with ¼ White in a canister and either shake or apply using the Spray Applicator.

Toppik Hair

Watch this clip to see how to apply Hair Fibers for a natural look:

Keep reading for some expert customer tips on using Toppik Hair Fibers to enhance hairstyles.

Helpful Mixing Tips from Toppik Fans

Our customers also know how to mix and match Hair Fibers colors to get the perfect shade for their hair. See what they had to say about finding their ideal color and how they made their hair look thicker and fuller.

Toppik Hair Fibers

“My hair is moderately thin, but I really need the extra coverage Toppik provides! I mix blonde and light brown shades to match my ash brown hair color perfectly. It’s quick and easy.” 

“I’ve had thinning hair on the top for a few years. I was very self conscious about it. I’ve been using Toppik Hair Fibers for a couple of years now and found it quick and easy to use. I have reddish brown hair, so I buy the light brown and the auburn and mix them together and they match very nicely. I also like the extra body it gives my hair.” 

“I have silver and black hair….so I mix the white and light brown. It creates a natural-looking mix of silver and black. Then I use the FiberHold Spray to keep everything in place. The wind does NOT blow away the fibers, unless you are doing 80 mph with the top down.:-)” 

Have you tried mixing Toppik Hair Fibers colors together? What are some mixing tips that you use to help create your very own unique color? Share with us below!

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Hi I have dyed my hair black I apply black hair fibres on balding area but they come up.all lumpy any tips please should I mix another colour to help

barry nichols

Is there any retail store in Toronto, Ontario Canada that I can go to to sample or get a demonstration of Toppik? I have actual areas that are bald due to alopeica areata and form your description it seems to imply that Toppik may not adhere although the you-tube videos suggest it works well.

Sharon Weinstein

I need to wet or wash my hair daily; how does this affect the product in my hair. Toppik product states that one can go out in the rain; if that’s the case, how do I actually wash it out?…..or does it stay when I use shampoo? I would like to purchase Toppik, but need my questions answered first.
Thank you,

Barbara Bell

Cant you provide a good color selector???


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